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When you do what you love life hurts less


If you’re planning on leaving.
Don’t come back.
I am not your old girlfriend.
Who answers the phone on the first ring and assures you that it’s okay to come home.
I am not the girl you loved in high school but left because you needed to find yourself, I won’t wait for you to come back.
You can’t come back to me weeks later and pick up where we stopped.
I am every bit of the girl your mother told you to watch out for, but I’m also the one your daddy told you not to lose.
I’m the one that you leave in a rainy gas station parking lot because you fell in love with the color of another pair of eyes.
But you remembered that the blue of mine was always your favorite so you come running home.
But home is no longer there.

—August 24, 2014 (via mean-mouth)


(Source: meanxmouth, via meanxmouth)

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